Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Project Inspirations- To make our rental feel like home!

We've successfully made it to our new home in Southern California!  Since my husband is on a one year assignment here, we are currently renting.  Now that most of the unpacking / organizing is done, I am excited to start making our rental feel more like home!  Below are a few projects I'm planning on tackling in the coming weeks.

Gallery Wall


I have several paintings, quotes, and pictures of my hubby and I, that I'm excited to use to create a gallery wall above our fireplace.

Canvas Silhouette


Anyone that knows me, knows that I LOVE my fur children!!! I am so excited to take on this project!!  I'm not sure if these silhouettes will be added to the gallery wall that I mentioned above or if I will hang them in the office area.

"EAT" Anthropologie Style Letters 

I've always loved the beautiful Zinc letters at Anthropologie, but cringed at the thought of spending $20 per letter.  I was so excited to come across "Anthro Knockoff" letters on Pinterest, and I'm so excited to hang this in our kitchen!

Let the projects begin!

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