Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Cruelty Free Winter Boots

Winter boots are definitely not needed very frequently for LA weather, but in the next few months we will be taking a few trips to cold weather locations and I'll need something to keep my feet warm and dry.  When I started my search for vegan winter boots I wasn't entirely sure what I expected to find, but let me tell you, I was so pleasantly surprised by all of the different options!! Now I just need to figure out how to choose just one pair!!

Cruelty free UGG look a likes!

 Could these be any cuter?!?! I love, love, love the versatility of these boots!  Outfit ideas are endless with these gems! 

These rain booties would look adorable with some cozy socks!

The mixed fabric on these are great!

I've always loved the wedge bootie from Toms but now you can have the same look with out the cruelty of leather / suede!

 If you missed out on the Soriah Over the Knee boot from this post Stepping into Fall these are very very similar!

I love that these boots are over the knee and have a very low heel, perfect for a cold winter day!

Can you go wrong with a classic cognac boot?!

 I've been searching for a pair of low heel booties for quite a few months...these might be a winner!  The buckle is adorable and I love the edgy tomboy look of this boot!

Winter Style Inspiration

 Image Source Unknown

Don't be afraid to mix patterns!

 Because I aim to live in a way that creates the least amount of harm I choose to reflect those beliefs in my purchases, and I hope that you will also send the message to companies that you are opting for more compassionate materials.  Animals have skin and fur for a reason, to keep them warm and protected, their skin and fur belongs to them not us.  With so many beautiful cruelty free options to choose from, why would anyone need to wear leather, suede or fur?

Which of the above are your favorite? I always love to hear from you! @allthingsmelissaann


  1. Hi Melissa Ann!

    Thank you SO MUCH for this article. I have been searching for vegan boots for months!
    I noticed that the Sam Edelman Tinsley bootie is on the Nordstrom site, a company I am choosing to boycott due to their current involvement with the Trump family and their businesses. This is a personal decision for me, but if you're interested, I provided the link for the same booties directly from the Sam Edelman website (where you can find them in different colors, some of which are on sale!)

    Thank you so much Melissa Ann!

    1. Thank you for reading :) I'm so glad you enjoyed! Thank you for the link I can't wait to check out the other colors!


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