Friday, October 18, 2013

Cozy Fall Sweaters

I'm in love with these cozy cardigans! I just ordered the top two, and I can't wait to wear them.  The fringed cardigan from Forever 21 is screaming my name, so I might have to find room for it in my closet!  Now I just need some Fall temperatures!


  1. Melissa - Just saw your blog post linking back to the awesome Cardigan you ordered from us! We hope you're enjoying it! We'd love for you to tag us in a pic wearing it on our Facebook page or Instagram! It's always so fun to see our customers enjoying their pretty things! :-) (Oh... and your Apple Pie Smoothie sounds absolutely delicious! Can't wait to try that one!) Thank you!! Ellie and Bea

  2. Hi Ellie and Bea! The sweater is perfect! I love it :) Aside from trying it on, the sweater hasn't been worn :( Unfortunately, it is still warm in So Cal. As soon as I'm able to wear it I'll tag you in a picture!


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