Thursday, June 30, 2016

Cruelty Is A Fashion Statement We Can Live Without

Before I knew better I used to buy and proudly wear designer leather handbags,  now when I look at the bags that I used to love to carry I see exactly what they are-- animal skin.  The fact that it is animal skin is now more than enough for me to not buy leather.  If for some reason that weren't enough though the fact that the animal was used for its milk or meat, denied its chance of living a peaceful life, and more than likely tortured in the process definitely makes it enough for me to not buy leather.  In fact some designers, Chanel, Prada, Saint Laurent, Chloe, Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga and Christian Louboutin (and I'm sure many others), boast about using calfskin (yes, skin from a baby cow) because the leather is much softer and smoother...WTF?!?!  It's even more disturbing that consumers are well aware that they are purchasing baby cow is pompously displayed for purchasers to see.

Will someone please help me understand how this is any different than puppy skin, I'm sure it's equally soft and smooth. Yet, if a designer started making bags from puppy skin, he / she would be ostracized, why is this? Many people have publicly expressed disgust concerning the Yulin dog meat festival (don't get me wrong, I am outraged also), but our mistreatment of farmed animals is just as outrageous...where is the disconnect?

For me, making these connections was incredibly eye opening, and I found myself wondering why it took me so many years to understand what I was actually purchasing and contributing to.  If you decide to ditch leather I have found (and linked) some great cruelty free "leather like" alternative.

Free People has a growing selection of vegan bags shop their collection HERE

Matt & Nat is one of my favorites! You can shop their whole line HERE


Reversible Tote

Beaded Clutch

 Embroidered Clutch
  Beaded Clutch

Sunset Cream Fringe Clutch

With change comes loss, I've lost all desire to carry a handbag that an animal paid its life for.  I'd much rather carry a compassionate bag because cruelty is a fashion statement we can all live without.

What are your thoughts on leather vs cruelty free handbags?  Did I miss any of your favorites?

Be the change, 

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