Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Project Inspirations - UPDATE

Back in August I posted a few projects I wanted to tackle to make our new home feel a bit more "homey" HERE

The project I was most excited to complete and hang up was, without a doubt, the dog silhouettes!  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, my fur children, and personally think they are just too adorable to not be recreated in art!

You have to admit, they are pretty cute!!

This task was extremely easy, and not very time consuming.  

First thing I did was paint each canvas. I then chose a photo of each of my pups and printed it out over multiple sheets of paper.  After taping the pieces of the photo together, I laid it on the canvas and lightly traced their silhouette.  Lastly paint inside the silhouette! 

DIY Dog Silhouettes

I was so disappointed when I could not find the cardboard letters for the "EAT" sign I wanted to hang in the kitchen.  So I improvised and used a few 8x10 canvases I already had.  I painted each canvas with a mix of bronze and black, then printed and cut out the letters.  Once the canvas was dry I lightly traced the outline and painted the inside silver.

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